Access to Information

To provide women with access to relevant & useful information aimed at equipping them to make informed decisions in the pursuit of economic empowerment.

An old adage says if you think knowledge is unimportant, try ignorance. A state of not knowing is one which is undesirable for anyone and is more devastating when a woman does not know. This is because she is most likely to transfer her ignorance to her offspring resulting in more ignorant women and men. Since there are many more female-headed households, now more than ever before, women are in need of information that will lead to economic empowerment

A research by the Carter centre indicates that often in our societies, it is the most vulnerable and marginalized populations who suffer the greatest due to limited access to information, and this is particularly true for women. As various tools are applied to address the web of adversities facing women — poverty, illiteracy, violence, and inadequate opportunities for quality participation — insufficient focus has been paid to the power that information can play in confronting these challenges.

Paradoxically, it is arguable that while women are the least likely to demand and receive access to information, they are perhaps the most in need of this potent tool.

s a result of limited economic and educational opportunities, women represent a disproportionate number of people living below the poverty line and two-thirds of the world’s illiterate. With genuine access to information women can take advantage of opportunities to transform their lives, families, and communities.

WomanRising is passionate about providing women with Access to Information mainly because Access to Information;

  • empowers women to make more effective decisions, for example with relation to education, professional development, financial management & investment, business, entrepreneurship and health care.
  • enables women to understand and exercise their full range of rights;
  • helps women to participate more fully in public life;
  • is critical for holding government and service providers accountable;
  • bridges gender gaps and helps to shift power in decision-making processes; and
  • can link women with the needed resources for achieving economic empowerment.

WomanRising provides Access to Information to women through the following initiatives:

  • Digital Literacy Program

Digital Literacy is the ability to locate, organize, understand, evaluate, and analyze information using digital technology. It involves a working knowledge of current high-technology and an understanding of how it can be used. Digitally literate people can communicate and work more efficiently, especially with those who possess the same knowledge and skills.

The ability to use digital technology and the internet is an indispensable skill in the 21st Century. Most platforms used to store and disseminate information require the use of digital technology and though there may be limited access to this technology and internet in most part of sub-Saharan African; empowering women with the knowledge and skills enables them to benefit from the tools, resources and opportunities that digital technology & the internet afford.

It is the aim of WomanRising to bring women into the mainstream of the digital revolution which we believe will empower them with access, information, choices and opportunities that they have never had before. Not just for themselves, but for their families, communities and nation.

  • WomanRising Online & Offline Publications & Platforms

As part of our effort to provide women with access to information and relevant resources that empowers them, enables them to make more informed decisions and promotes their consistent growth, WomanRising deseminates information through the diverse media and platforms including but not limited to:

  1. The WomanRising Website & Blog
  2. The WomanRising Mobile App
  3. The WomanRising Quarterly News Letter
  4. The WomanRising Bulk Emails & SMS
  5. The WomanRising Resource & Information Centers & Reps
  6. The WomanRising Events