Entrepreneurship DevelopmentTo provide women with Entrepreneurship training & resources to equip them to start and build sustainable businesses, multiple streams of income and be competitively productive at work.

According to a huffington post article; Supporting entrepreneurship is undoubtedly a positive and practical choice, however there are many women across developing countries who don’t receive any encouragement or support. As a result, these women are unable to pursue their dreams and a major source of growth is left untapped.

It is vital that governments and organisations work to support women entrepreneurship and promote growth. However there are many issues that need to be addressed. Women face a myriad of social, economic and structural barriers which prevent them from succeeding in their pursuits. A high proportion of women entrepreneurs in developing countries operate in the informal economy, which restricts the potential for their business to grow.

Women also typically lack access to training and access to business development services that would help them expand. Due to a low rate of financial literacy and a gap in financing for women entrepreneurs operating beyond the micro level, many women also have difficulty accessing the appropriate loans that they need to develop their businesses. Even if women do secure loans, many struggle to manage them.

Additionally, women entrepreneurs also lack effective networks that can support learning and leveraging of resources, such as knowledge, business advice and mentorship. Because much of business culture is male-dominated, women tend to be excluded from such circles. Lastly, women lack the support from their peers and communities to pursue their entrepreneurial pursuits. Many societies still discourage women from going into business, and there are few positive role models for women entrepreneurs to inspire them to push ahead despite the odds.

WomanRising is passionate about & consistently providing women entrepreneurs in particular and women in general tailored business training to give them the extra support to take their business to the next level, better position them to take full advantage of opportunities and to be economically independent.

Additionally, WomanRising provides information, training and support to women employees and professionals to enable them become competitively productive and resourceful. This is aimed at producing intrapreneurs and supporting women in their quest to climb up the corporate ladder.


Support 1000 women Entrepreneurs through the provision of needed information, tailored business support, tailored training, inspiration & motivation and mentoring & coaching.

WomanRising Entrepreneurship Development Initiatives

  1. Entrepreneurship Development – Owning, Running & Growing Businesses
  • Entrepreneur Development Training & Coaching
  • Business Development Training & Consultancy
  • Provision of Business Development Support Services
  • WomanRising Skills Hub (Enterprise Skills Training)
  • Business Resource & Information Provision
  • Financial & Investment Literacy Program
  • Branding, Marketing & Networking Support
  • Access to Finance Support

2. Intrapreneurship Development – Employee & Professional Capacity Development

  • Employee Development Training
  • Employee Performance Coaching
  • HR & Human Capital Development Support
  • WomanRising Job Portal (#WRjobcentre)