I Am A Woman Rising 1(1)

This project is aimed at enhancing your online personal brand and ensuring that you have a compelling and globally competitive profile online that will attract desired opportunities, networks and resources for you, your career or business.

The ‘I Am A Woman Rising’ Project will secure you a Personal Website: (www.yourname.womanrising.org); and a Personal Email: yourname@womanrising.org which will be linked to your current email.

Your ‘I Am A Woman Rising’ Personal Website will showcase:
1.     Your Signature picture
2.     Your Personal Profile
3.     Your Achievements
4.     Your Skills Sets / Your Service Offerings
5.     Your Past/Latest Works/Projects
6.     Your Contact Details
7.     Your Contact Form
8.     Links to all your Social Media Platforms

Your ‘‘I Am A Woman Rising’ Personal Email Address will:
1.     Be a means for the world, your fans, admirers or prospective partners to contact you online
2.     Be linked to your Current Emails
3.     Be a means to let the world know that you are part of a dynamic community of Women rising into greatness, prominence, leadership, influence and impacting their generation positively.

Some benefits of having your ‘I Am A Woman Rising’ Personal Website & Email Address are:

1.     A never expiring personal domain name and email address
2.  An opportunity to showcase who you are and what you offer to your industry, community, country and the world at large.
3.     An opportunity to enhance your personal brand Identity & Presence online
4.     A trusted platform for authentic information about you and access to your profile
5.   An opportunity to attract relevant attention, speaking engagements, job offers and significant networks.
6.   An Opportunity to be discovered by award bodies and duly recognized for your achievements
7.    An opportunity to identify with a community of high performing and influential women worldwide in the WomanRising organisation.
8.     A onetime financial obligation
9.     An opportunity to upgrade or enhance standard template at minimal cost.
10.  An always available personal website and email

You are a Woman, rising into greatness and we would love to give you the needed push as you strive to be successful and to impact lives. Sign up for the ‘I Am A Woman Rising’ Project today and let’s get started.

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Please review a sample of ‘I Am a Woman Rising’ website here www.lauralever.womanrising.org