Jebet Amdany on #WRClique

WRclique - Jebet Amdany

Jebet Amdany is a dynamic communicator, networker with experience in advertising, marketing, broadcasting, entrepreneurship and public relations.

Jebet, has worked in various capacities, managing clients, businesses and building teams to deliver seamless communication and business solutions for various businesses in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana

Jebet’s career started in advertising, and she tested her entrepreneurial skills by starting a radio station in Nairobi, Kenya. During this period, Jebet made Radio Simba the top Swahili African music station, was the Secretary of Media Owners Association and worked with various government bodies and NGOs to lobby for greater local content, press freedom and universal access to communication services.

Today Jebet runs one of Ghana’s top communications companies, Scanad Ghana, the most awarded creative agency in Ghana and a member of Ghana Club 100.

Jebet views herself as a self-starter, self-motivated pragmatic and resilient individual who does not shy away from any challenge.

Jebet interests span from reading, swimming, walking, movies and dancing.

Jebet’s topic: Branding and Marketing