Branding & NetworkingTo provide women with personal branding support and productive networking opportunities to enable them become globally competitive, resourceful and well connected.

Personal branding is an essential endeavor for all professionals who want to advance, thrive, and grow. It is a very powerful career tool that savvy women (and most men) capitalize on to reach their goals. Yet it is something that women haven’t utilized as much as men have, and that’s something WomanRising aims to help rectify.

Statistically women especially women entrepreneurs and professionals tend to focus more on their work, business, products or services and neglect the critical roles that personal branding, personal marketing, networking and pitching themselves play in their quest to be successful in their endeavors.

Most especially in this present technologically advanced world, the importance of intentionally branding one’s self cannot be overemphasized. There is the need for your potential partners, employers, customers and the world at large to know exactly what you stand for, what your interests and expertise are, what you are passionate about, what makes you different from everyone else and why you are the best candidate for available opportunities or investments.

Women are missing an opportunity. Networking not only expands business opportunities within company walls and externally. It creates that space where professional boundaries are softened by personality, often paving the way for women to be more effective in driving initiatives forward in the workplace. It allows women to find role models and business leads not available inside their office. Most importantly, social connection and professional engagements are what make jobs interesting and enduring.

WomanRising Personal Branding & Strategic Networking Initiatives enable women to possess the visibility and recognition needed to reach their next level of success and to make them globally competitive. 

Our 5-Year Goal

To support the building of globally competitive personal brands for 5000 women and provide them with strategic networking opportunities to advance their careers and/or businesses. 

Branding & Networking Key Focus

  • Personal Branding Support
  • Image Consulting
  • Business Branding Support
  • Provision of Networking Platforms & Opportunities
  • Branding & Networking Training & Coaching