Unlocking Women and Technology (UWAT) Entrepreneurship and Business Workshop.

The Unlocking Women and Technology (UWAT) Project is a program aimed at assisting women entrepreneurs with technological skills to enable the growth of their business, careers and life.

The workshops will be practical and facilitated by seasoned business professionals and entrepreneurs.
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 Understanding the Basic Concepts of Entrepreneurship Finance Leadership & Operations Marketing / PR /Sales Strategy Development Basic Accounting and Financial Planning Personal Branding & Public Speaking Basic Accounting and Financial Planning State of My Business

5th August 2016
Ispace Workshop

Understanding the Basic Concepts of Entrepreneurship Workshop Objectives
. Understand the meaning of “entrepreneurship” and “entrepreneur”
. Assess the qualities of an entrepreneur
. Understand the concept of perseverance .
. Manage his/her time best
. Develop SMART goals and objectives
. Build self-confidence
19th August 2016
To be determined Later Workshop

Finance An Entrepreneur is almost always "resource constrained," and the resource that entrepreneurs always worry about is money. Although raising money is never easy, it is not necessarily as difficult as people think. Entrepreneurs need to understand the sources of funding for entrepreneurial ventures and the rules by which these sources operate.
The focus will be on the strategy as well as the tactics involved in negotiating and building effective, long-term relationships with investors, bankers etc, in extremely difficult funding environments.
1st October 2016
Christ the King Workshop Leadership & Operations It's all about the people. Most ventures that fail do so because of people issues, not technology, market, or funding issues. This is where leadership comes in.
For many entrepreneurs, the most pressing questions (aside from those about financing) are about how to locate and recruit talented people, how to manage and keep them, and how to build a high-growth, long-term, sustainable firm. This workshop will address these questions and provide the participants with a number of critical concepts and competencies that will be useful to them in both the short and long term.
There are different leadership styles that work in different situations. Understanding your personal leadership strengths and weaknesses is important in determining whether you can be effective in a given situation. 
The focus will be to help the participants make a self-assessment of their leadership capabilities.
28th October 2016
TANOEhub Workshop

Marketing / PR /Sales If entrepreneurs don't have customers, they don't have a business. For whom do they create value? Will these people pay for that value, or can they monetize the value created? These are the core questions for marketing an entrepreneurial venture
This workshop will introduce key marketing concepts, methods, and strategic issues relevant for start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs. In this course, the major questions can be gathered into two conceptual areas: (1) What am I selling? How am I selling it? And to whom am I selling it? (2) How do I best leverage my limited marketing recourses?
This workshop will cover the process of identifying and quantifying market opportunities.
21st November 2016 iSpace Workshop State of My Business

An annual analysis workshop for women entrepreneurs where we go through their business strategies, highs and lows and with that information, draft a plan for the coming year.
31st December 2016 Airport West Hotel Dinner

Dine and Wine with Success A formal event where we have successful women entrepreneurs come talk about their successes to inspire other women entrepreneurs.
27th January 2017 Takoradi Community Training Strategy Development Strategy is about understanding where the business is now, where it wants to be, and how it can get there.
This will focus on strategic management and concentrating on modern analytical approaches and on enduring successful strategic practices.
This will focus particularly on the ways in which the actions and inactions of entrepreneurs build competitive advantage over time, and on the strategic implications of understanding the roots of a firm's success.
25th February 2017 To be determined Later Workshop Personal Branding & Public Speaking This workshop focuses on teaching women entrepreneurs how they can be outstanding through their brand and how to project their businesses confidently.
25th March 2017 Kasoa Community Training Basic Accounting and Financial Planning For women in deprived communities
29th April 2017 Ispace Workshop To be determined Later

27th May 2017

To be determined Later Workshop To be determined Later A meetup of all participants of the earlier 9 workshop where everyone talks about implementing what they learnt in the sessions and how its affected their lives. The good and the bad whilst having a little fun.