Vera Osei-Bonsu – WomanRising Discovery of the Week

Vera Osei-Bonsu

I am Vera Osei-Bonsu founder of SRICNN .I am a mother of two beautiful Children(Chantel and Cyrus).I call myself a ‘mumpreneur’who have a strong passion for the general well-being of mothers and children.I believe that there are many ideas and opportunities around us that can be transformed into something tangible.

It is with this believe that Start Right was conceived. At Start Right, we have been able to use locally available food resources to come up with over 80 baby recipes.

  • It is my dream that every mother will have a sustainable and healthy way of feeding their children in Ghana and Africa.When this intervention is done very well, we believe the rate of malnutrition in Ghana and Africa will reduce drastically.

I have a sole mission of raising the standards of children’s diets, I have a dream of becoming a  regular media commentator on food related issues, and undertake regular consultancy work for major Hospitals in Ghana and Africa.

Start Right Infant and Child Nutrition Network(SRICNN) is an organisation that  was registered at the Registrar Generals department of Ghana under Act  179 in August 2016 with a team of 3 women comprising of a pharmacist, a social worker and a project associate.

We specialise in promoting Well balanced, well fortified and well nourished complementary foods for infants and children from the ages of 6 months to 5 years.

Our aim is driven by the fact that most mothers in Ghana and Africa are not able to come out with a comprehensive plan as to how what and when to feed their babies.

Start Right Infant and child nutrition network is driven by the mission: To assist CareGivers in Ghana and Africa achieve a sustainable way of World Standard healthy nutrition for their babies and infants.

At Start Right, we believe  Infant and Young Child Nutrition is the foundation to a child’s healthy development both physically and cognitively. Breastfeeding and complementary feeding are among the most important interventions to promote child health and development. so if it must be done it must done well.

At start Right we are structuring our activities in such a way to reach about 50,000 caregivers by 2018 with improved nutrition. We focus our  efforts on  Caregivers especially women because  we know  that helping  them have sustainable, nutritious diets in their children’s foods is crucial to ending the cycle of malnutrition and poverty. By building alliances (GAIN, WHO, UNICEF, GOG, MINISTRY OF HEALTH, GHANA HEALTH SERVICE(GHS) etc that  deliver impact at  scale, we believe that  we can  eliminate malnutrition within  our lifetimes.