Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards (WEYA 2016) is an Initiative by WomanRising, a subsidiary of The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) aimed at giving women entrepreneurs in various sectors of the economy the needed public recognition for their outstanding achievements and audacious exploits in business as part of their contribution to the development of a vibrant Private Sector and the economy of Ghana in general.
WEYA 2016 aims to discover and celebrate the most outstanding women entrepreneurs in each sector of the economy. With a vision to encourage more women to embrace entrepreneurship and to venture into sectors that have been dominated primarily by their male counterparts, WEYA 2016 will showcase such audacious women that have ventured and are succeeding in such sectors.
The Awards Categories include the following:
1.    Agriculture & Agribusiness
2.    Banking & Finance
3.    Beauty & Wellness
4.    Branding & Marketing
5.    Capacity Building & Coaching
6.    Communication & Public Relations
7.    Construction
8.    Distribution, Wholesale & Retail
9.    Education
10.    Engineering
11.    Events & Logistics
12.    Fashion
13.    Food processing
14.    Health
15.    Hospitality
16.    Human Resources
17.    Insurance
18.    Investments
19.    Legal
20.    Manufacturing
21.    Media
22.    Mining
23.    Oil & Gas
24.    Photography
25.    Printing & Publishing
26.    Real Estate
27.    Security
28.    Social Enterprise & Non-Profits
29.    Sports
30.    Technology
31.    Telecommunications
32.    Transport
33.    Travel & Tourism
34.    Waste Management & Sanitation



Other special WEYA 2016 categories are:

1.    WomanRising Entrepreneurship Life Achievement Award
2.    WomanRising Entrepreneurship Hall of fame
3.    Woman Entrepreneurship Advocacy & Support Award
4.    Women Entrepreneurship Network of the Year
5.    Non-Ghanaian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
6.    Emerging Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
7.    Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

The WEYA 2016 criteria for selection is as follows:

1.    The nominee must be a Woman and a Ghanaian  
2.    The nominee must have a Registered Business and in operation for at least 6 months
3.    The nominee’s business must have been profitable in the last fiscal year.
a.    For registered charities and not-for-profits, this means financially stable and meeting all spending quotas when applicable.
4.    The nominee must currently own shares in the company.
5.    The nominee must hold the senior executive title and/or be the chief decision maker.
6.    The nominee must be the founder of the business and/or have had a significant impact on the company if acquired.

To nominate yourself or a woman entrepreneur you know, fill the form below:

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