Emerging Women Millionaires Summit – 19th March, 2020

WomanRising Crush Wednesday – Jeanette Altovice Quashie
February 5, 2020
WomanRising Crush Wednesday – Selasi Dzikunu
February 19, 2020

The Emerging Women Millionaires Summit (EWMS) is designed to bring together women; young and old desirous of financial freedom and independence and building legacy businesses and glass ceiling breaking careers.

EWMS will highlight the need for more Women Millionaires in Africa, the path to becoming millionaires, the challenges in staying at the top and what is needed to ensure the generational preservation of wealth. It is not a conference to be missed by any woman entrepreneur, woman professional and young women in general. Slated for 19th March 2020, EWMS will assemble outstanding speakers made up of Women Millionaires, Financial & Investments Experts and Successful Women Entrepreneurs.

This life changing event is targeted at Women Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Students passionate about financial freedom, economic empowerment and the pursuit of their dreams.

For more information and to register to participate or buy a ticket, kindly follow this like www.ewms.womanrising.org



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