WomanRising 365 Business Devotional

WomanRising Business Devotional - 365 Business Lessons

WomanRising Business Devotional is a research project by WomanRising to capture 365 Business Lessons from 365 Outstanding African Women Entrepreneurs representing. With a business lesson for each day of the year, the WomanRising Business Devotional will serve as an inspiration and a guide to women entrepreneurs in the pursuit of building their businesses.

With contributions coming from 365 Women Entrepreneurs across Africa, owning and running businesses in different sectors and making giant strides, the WomanRising Business Devotional will have lessons covering several aspects of setting up, building and growing businesses. Lessons will be divided into 12 thematic areas and placed into the 12 months of the year making a business lesson available each day of the year.

Nominations are open and invitation is thrown to all women entrepreneurs willing to voluntarily share their business lessons to inspire a generation of budding and emerging women entrepreneurs with big dreams and determination to succeed in business in Africa.

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