About WomanRising

WomanRising is a flagship project of The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE), a limited by guarantee organization that seeks among other things the constant development of women and to assist African entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses. WomanRising serves as a community of hope for African women entrepreneurs who desire to live their dreams and are passionate about gaining the requisite knowledge to better position them to move ahead in their fields of endeavor.

We are dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs & professionals succeed. Our initiatives and programs are focused on building a strong entrepreneurial environment enabling entrepreneurs to access needed resources and relevant information to polish their ideas, build their businesses and accelerate their business growth.

We are more than excited to invite you to join our COMMUNITY

WomanRising Vision

To be a powerful network in Africa providing women entrepreneurs and professionals with relevant support, adequate information, capacity building, global exposure and resourceful networks aimed at enabling them to build globally competitive businesses and personal brands, advance in their careers and position them as Go To Women and Role Models for generations

WomanRising Mission

To be a 1 Million Member Strong Network of Rising Women all over the world by 2030 by becoming a reliable support system cheering women on to success and raising women millionaires & financially independent women.

WomanRising Focus Areas

Access to Information

Capacity Building

Productive Networking & Branding

Entrepreneurial & Personal Development

Leadership Development

Financial Literacy & Wealth Creation

WomanRising 5-Year Strategic Goals

Build a database of 100,000 women and provide them with access to relevant & useful information & opportunities for consistent growth

Build the capacity of 10,000 Women through Training, Coaching, Mentorship & Internship

Build a globally competitive brand identity and profile for 5000 Women

Support 1000 Women Entrepreneurs through the provision of tailor-made business support solutions

Raise 100 Women Millionaires to invest in Africa & in Women Businesses

WomanRising Objectives

1. To provide inspiration, motivation and empowerment through the stories of women achievers globally.
2. To harness, nurture and develop the leadership potentials of women.
3. To provide a forum for personal and professional growth through networking and educational opportunities.
4. To encourage peer-to-peer support for women business owners and professionals in a diverse and mutually beneficial environment.
5. To promote unity amongst women, women advancement initiatives and women groups.
6. To promote the unbiased sharing of resources, provision of inspiration and the receipt of invaluable advice from women achievers.
7. To celebrate and honour women achievers and the efforts of determined and thriving women.
8. To provide innovative and practical solutions and support to overcome challenges women face on their quest to building a career, setting up and growing a business and pursuing a dream.
9. To encourage mentoring opportunities for women to share strengths, talents and experiences.