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WomanRising 100 Most Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs (100 MOWE)

100 Most Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs (100 MOWE), is an initiative of the WomanRising.org which seeks to identify and celebrate outstanding women in businesses. We seek to discover and give recognition to women entrepreneurs in Ghana. This aims to motivate these women to even do better for themselves and the society at large. It is therefore with great joy that we announce the nomination of 100 MOWE open to the public.

This nomination is open to all women, especially women leading the corporate world, women entrepreneurs, and women making a huge impact on their society. To qualify, a woman needs to be running a successful brand or organization, be level-headed and smart at organizing and implementing ideas and resources into powerful tools or brands, and be challenged by problems while offering solutions and services to solving them. These women are those who have challenged the status quo and are doing well in thriving businesses in Ghana and beyond. They have also bridged the gap between mediocrity and taking bold actions towards achieving dreams which are mostly perceived not to be tackled by men.

To nominate a Woman Entrepreneur or yourself, visit www.womanrising.org/100MOWE
WomanRising 50 Corporate Women Leaders in Ghana

This recognition is aimed at giving women business leaders in various sectors of Ghana’s economy the deserved public recognition for their outstanding achievements and audacious exploits in business as part of their contribution to the development of a vibrant Private Sector and the economy of Ghana in general.

Our vision for the WomanRising Top 60 Corporate Women Leaders in Ghana list is to inspire and motivate more women to aspire and pursue corporate leadership roles aimed at bridging the gender gap in business.

To nominate a Top Corporate Woman or yourself, visit www.womanrising.org/top50
Most Infleutial
WomanRising 100 Most Influential Ghanaian Women

As part of our mission to equip 100,000 Women in Ghana & Africa to be globally minded, have globally competitive brands, businesses & careers, influence the society positively & leave a lasting legacy; WomanRising; a flagship project of The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) releases a comprehensive list of 100 of the Most Influential Women in Ghana, achieving great strides, making tremendous impact and breaking the glass ceilings in their respective fields of endeavour.

The List captures women from various sectors including but not limited to Media, Politics, Business, Religion, Academia, Showbiz, Fashion and Leadership. Below is the list of the 100 Most Influential Ghanaian Women arranged in ALPHABETICAL ORDER:

To nominate an Influential Woman or yourself, visit www.womanrising.org/100migw