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The Women Business Expo is a collaborative initiative between WomanRising and Star Women, aimed at celebrating and promoting women entrepreneurs and their businesses.

This event will take place over two days, from the 17th to 18th of November, 2023, at the Forecourt of the Star Women Office in Sakumono.

The Expo will offer a diverse range of activities designed to empower and support women in business, while also catering to the needs and interests of men and children.

The Women Business Expo is a significant event dedicated to empowering and celebrating women in business. By providing a platform for showcasing women-owned businesses and offering valuable workshops and seminars, this Expo aims to contribute to the growth and success of women entrepreneurs while fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.

Event Objectives

  1. Showcase Women-Owned Businesses: Provide a platform for women entrepreneurs to
    exhibit and promote their products and services to a wider audience, including women,
    men, and children.
  2. Knowledge Sharing: Offer a series of workshops and seminars focused on various
    aspects of business growth, branding, digital marketing, sales, customer service,
    accounting, investment readiness, and personal branding.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Facilitate networking and collaboration among women
    entrepreneurs, potential investors, customers, and partners.

Event Activities

The primary objectives of WomanRising 5000 is to empower women entrepreneurs
by providing them with continuous technical & access to financial support
to enhance their creditworthiness, enable them to create jobs, and ensure continuous growth
and sustainability of their businesses. The Goals of this project are:


Personal Branding Workshop:

Empower women entrepreneurs to develop and promote their personal brands, helping them stand out in their respective industries.

Branding & Digital Marketing Clinic:

This clinic will offer practical advice on branding and digital marketing strategies tailored to women entrepreneurs, helping them enhance their online presence.

Sales & Customer Service Workshop:

Participants will learn effective sales techniques and customer service practices to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Workshop:

A workshop aimed at improving financial management skills among women entrepreneurs, covering basic accounting principles and bookkeeping practices.

Investment Readiness, Funding & Creditworthiness Workshop:

This workshop will provide guidance on preparing for investment opportunities, securing funding, and building a strong credit profile.

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